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Strategy Workshop

Blueprint has continued to develop our strategy design process over several years, and now we have it absolutely buttoned down.

This workshop will deliver a robust, relevant and complete strategy paper that starts with vision, identifies strategies, details actions and delivers granularity in the tactics that will determine who does what by when. It is an incredibly efficient process that has never failed to deliver a positive paradigm change to the businesses that have run the programme.

The process requires a full day of Blueprint’s time in planning and preparing in advance of the workshop then we gather for a two-day workshop with our clients and the process begins as follows:

The participants of this workshop should be carefully selected to ensure that each person will add individual value to the process. It is suggested that people who will not be active participants should not be invited, as the idea is to optimise the creativity and ideas of the team, but not to have too many people which will become unwieldy. More than 10 people have the potential to become, in our experience, inefficient to the process.

The participants should each be asked to revise and update their knowledge of the ‘7 C’s’ in the days and weeks prior to the workshop. This will improve considerably the quality of the planning process. The 7 C’s are :

  • Country – i.e. The commercial and social environment in which you trade.
  • Company – i.e. the Client company
  • Customer – The route to market and the end customer
  • Competitor
  • Channel
  • Category
  • Consumer

The workshop itself will be of two days duration and preferably in a venue away from the office.

The workshop will follow the process  shown below and will at all times be facilitated by a Blueprint Consultant

  • Participants will agree the ‘ground rules’ for the meeting.
  • Scope – The participants will discuss and agree on the scope of the strategy e.g. Is it Sales, Commercial, Company? Is it over 3, 4 or 5 years? What markets does it cover, etc
  • A ‘Vision’ will be agreed upon with ‘wordsmithing’ to be completed later.
  • Set against the Vision, the Strategy development phase will consider each of these four areas:
  • Customer, Finance, Operations, People
  • A customer  route to the market universe will be discussed, charted, prioritised and agreed upon.
  • 4 Action based S.W.O.T.’s will be conducted over the session namely: Customer, Finance, Operation and People. Actions for each Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat will be agreed upon.
  • All actions will be prioritised into ‘Quick Wins’, ‘Big Wins’ and ‘Unimportant’.
  • Key Strategic options will be highlighted, discussed and agreed upon.
  • The  over-riding Strategy will be established
  • Key objectives will be highlighted
  • An action plan will be created with timings and responsibilities established.
  • The outputs will be produced into a complete, comprehensive and robust Strategy Document.