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Insight & Category Strategy Course

Objective: This 2 day programme teaches participants why Category Strategy is business critical, how to create it using a practical insights driven process and how it fits with  customer  category management (SMART CatMan)

 Background: Often referred to as ‘advanced category management’, an effective ‘driver led’ category strategy has the potential to be a ‘game changer’. Retailers prefer to work with suppliers who demonstrate a way for them to build their category and then position their brands and business development activities to provide the solution. Very few suppliers do this well, and if you do, you can deliver competitive advantage.

This programme explains how to deploy category strategy to create alignment between your brands and the customer and how to develop it through a highly practical insight driven process that delivers a ‘triple win’ for the shopper, customer and supplier. The programme also demonstrates how category strategy fits with customer category management.  

The workshop is taught using a combination of anecdotes, group discussion, flip charts and mini-lectures. Each step of the category strategy process is presented, delegates then have the chance to practice it in groups using a case study

Day 1

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  • Introductions and Expectations
  • Category Strategy versus Category Management
  • Driver led approach to Category Strategy
  • Category Strategy process
  • Generating data & insight – tools & tips
  • Insight driven category strategy assessment
  • How to identify potential drivers
  • What makes a good driver?


Day 2

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  • Creating the driver statement
  • Quantifying drivers
  • Prioritising drivers to channels, customers & brands
  • Deployment – top tips
  • Business case study – putting the principles into practice
  • Review programme
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