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Developing Company, Customer, Channel or Brand Strategy

Blueprint has continued to develop our strategy design process over several years, and now we have it absolutely buttoned down.

When we deliver a Strategy workshop we have never once failed to create a positive paradigm change to the client business. This training course teaches clients how they can adopt our methodology internally to use to create robust, practical and wholly implementable strategies.

Duration: 1 day

Day One

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Introductions and expectations

An overview of the Blueprint Strategy Development process

Workshops to demonstrate each element of the process, set against the backdrop of a real-life client strategy development requirement

  • Choosing the participants
  • Required pre-work – 7 C’s of Knowledge
  • Agreeing ground rules
  • Agreeing Scope
  • About capturing Quick Wins & Big Ideas
  • Big Picture Exercise
  • How to create a Directional, Motivational and Inspirational Vision
  • Analysis : Customer, Finance, Operations, People.
  • Analysis Customer Centric – Action Based SWOT
  • Determining ‘themes’, or ‘buckets’ of activity
  • Shaping your strategies to be unique, directional, motivational and inspirational
  • Populating Strategies with Actions – The key stepping stones to success
  • Populating Actions with Tactics – Making it granular, ‘who does what by when’?
  • Achieving internal sign-off
  • Implementing the strategy : measurement and control
  • Personal Action Planning
  • Review course and Close