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Smart CatMan Course

Objective: This programme teaches participants what Category Management is, and how to conduct a practical category management process with a customer. 

 Background: Retailers are organised into categories and buyers buy categories. It’s therefore essential for every commercial manager that has direct or indirect involvement with customers to have an understanding of Category Management to enable them to be effective and influential in their role.

 The programme covers the essentials. It’s highly interactive and uses a combination of theory led facilitation and practical activities to develop the skills. The history and purpose behind Category Management is presented in realistic terms. The language of Category Management is explained and the SMART CatMan process is demonstrated. At each stage participants will be involved working in groups to enhance understanding of the stage. Once the process has been learned in piecemeal fashion, the learning is consolidated in a business game where teams build a category plan for a retailer.

Day One

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  • Introductions and Expectations
  • Category Management overview
  • Language of Category Management
  • Smart CatMan – the Blueprint process – adapting it to differing needs
  • Insight to fuel the process
  • Category definition
  • Category segmentation
  • Creating the Category business plan

Day Two

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  • Category planning - ranging
  • Category planning - merchandising
  • Category planning – pricing & promotions
  • Business game – putting the principles in to practice
  • Review programme
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