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Selling Skills Course

Born out of Blueprint’s extensive experience of working with clients the commercial world, this programme studies the key components of ‘planning’ for a sales meeting, seeking to influence during the meeting and closing the deal successfully.

A key point of difference that the Blueprint programme has over most other Selling courses offered by training consultants is that on the final day of the programme, once the skill set is established on days 1  we will introduce client specific real life sales calls into the role plays. At this point we request delegates to bring a Selling scenario to the table that they will be doing in their day job, in real life in the weeks following the course. The Blueprint Consultant will adopt the role of our client’s customer having researched this customer in detail, and we conduct the meeting in terms that are highly relevant and realistic to the delegates. We cannot stress enough how realistic these role plays are given our deep understanding of buying and procurement principles in a myriad of sectors and channels. This allows course participants not only to reinforce the skill set, but also practice for and improve a real sales call that is important to our client.

2 days duration

Maximum number of course participants: 10


Day 1

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  • Introductions and Expectations
  • Facilitated discussion about the dynamics of your business sector
  • How to influence:
  • Recognising and satisfying needs
  • Knowledge, Skills and Attitude
  • Knowledge is Power – The 7 C’s of Knowledge: Country, Company, Customer, Competitor, Channel, Category, Consumer
  • Advanced questioning & listening skills
  • Handling objections
  • Using data to influence
  • Using an influencing structure
  • Prep for Individual Role Play

Day 2

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Individual Role Play on a real life client specific scenario where the trainer plays the part of a real live supplier/ customer. (Trainer researches customer and reads brief days in advance of conducting the role play) 

Full critique of each role play is given with tips and ideas for further improvement given