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Applied Finance Course Overview

Objective: To coach finance skills to our clients commercial teams, enabling them to use financial analysis to improve the quality and success of their sales or procurement approach. 

Background: The commercial teams of or clients are comprised of business people who interface with other business people and strike business deals. They do this all the time, both internally and externally. Business however is essentially about finance and in Blueprint’s experience commercial teams are not as financially aware as the market would suggest they should be. 

Finance training however is often dreaded by sales and marketing functions, as it is thought to be boring!  In our experience most finance training is in fact just that …. boring!.  However it need not be like this. This programme is delivered in a fun, high impact style, but it gets all of the key points across and more. During day 1 of the course a company is established, structured, financed and accounted for. On this journey course participants will feel the pain and excitement of financing a business successfully, make decisions on company structure, and be introduced to P&L’s, Balance Sheets, Cashflow Statements and important key financial ratio’s. The business will go through some hard times and some good times and eventually will float on the stock market which will introduce the teams to IPO’s PLC’s, IPO, Rights Issues, Script Issues,EPS, P/E ratios, company valuations and the thrills and spills of running publicly listed company.

The course then steps up a gear. By this time the course participants understand how to work out key financial ratio’s and what they mean so we now move into the applicability of this information.

Two businesses, operating in the same sector (customers or suppliers of our clients) are analysed in detail. Their annual reports are reviewed and benchmarked against each other, and then benchmarked over time. From this exercise, strategy decisions are made, first of all from the stand point of being a board member of that business, and laterally from the stand point of our client seeking to deal with this company.

It is an exciting, fun and powerfully useful course.

Day 1

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  • Introductions and Expectations

  • A reminder of the importance of using the 7 C’s of knowledge

  • Introduction to the Magic Widget

  • Financing a company Debt vs. Equity

  • Structuring a company: Sole Trader, Partnership, Private Limited and PLC

  • Accounting for the Company

  • P&L’s

  • Balance Sheets

  • Cashflow Statements

  • Key Financial Ratio’s

  • Using these ratio's

  • Some number crunching

  • Some scenario’s using ratio’s in business decision making

  • Floating on the Stock Market – The IPO

  • Rights Issues

  • Script Issues

  • How the market works

  • Stock market game

Day 2

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  • A Test
  • Stock market results
  • Some more ratio’s
  • Workshop – Calculating key ratio’s from a financial report
  • Consultancy project retained by client ‘A’ year 2000 report
  • Consultancy project retained by client ‘B’ year 2000 report
  • Benchmarking between accounts to extrapolate strategy
  • Introduction to Hemscott
  • Consultancy project retained by client ‘A’ year 2012 report
  • Consultancy project retained by client ‘B’ year 2012 report
  • Benchmarking over time to extrapolate strategy
  • Business analysis
  • How our client could alter its approach in their dealings with these companies
  • Review programme
  • Close