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Commercial Nuance

The successful sales person is capable of linking all pieces of information from the customer, immediately creating opportunities. In essence, what we are referring to is developing commercial nuance.

This 2 day programme is designed to explore how to capture information and turn it into opportunities within the call. Using critical thinking, lateral thinking, and body language to lead the conversation to deliver extraordinary results and to develop the Emotional Intelligence of the participant. 


Day 1

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Group discussion about what makes a good entrepreneur – and what makes Good into ‘World Class’. Participants explore Critical thinking techniques, Acquisition of knowledge, Lateral thinking, Advanced Questioning, Nudge theory, Priming and listening, how to use body language to steer the conversation during persuasion. Then there is an opportunity to test it practically with other delegates’ roleplaying their own day job.

Day 2

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The skills developed during day 1 are put into practice in a series of role play scenarios, where the trainer plays the part of the sales person, plays the part of a customer. During the role play a number of things will be said by the “Buyer” that the participant will be expected to pick up on and develop.

The rest of the group will watch live and in the post role-play critique session, they will present back on what was ‘caught’ and what was missed during the role play. The Blueprint Consultant will then present a full list of the opportunities that were floated. As each role play is observed, the skill set of catching the opportunities will be developed across all participants.