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Advanced Selling & Negotiation Skills Course

The Advanced Selling & Negotiation skills programme is designed to enhance the competency levels of both of these two skill sets.

As a pre-requisite to the course it is essential that participants should have previously attended the Blueprint Selling skills course & the Negotiation skills course, and had some time building experience of these skills on the job before coming to this advanced programme.

The programme design recognises that the way to enhance competency of a skill is to practice it and be coached honestly and openly on each practiced event in order to improve performance.

Day 1

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This course starts with a short re-cap of the tools and processes that were taught during the Blueprint Selling & Negotiation skills programme. On highlighting each of the skills previously shown Participants will be asked how they have used the tools in real life since they attended the course. Action planning will be in place to correct any slippage of using the processes.

The course then goes into practice and coaching mode. The group is split into two smaller groups. One group will seek to sell a real life company proposition to the other group, who will play the Buyers in this role play. The scenario picked must be a real one, and the customer who will be role played by the ‘Buyers’ must also be real. Both teams are given time to prepare for the role play using the methodologies taught during the last course. The Blueprint Consultant will prepare with the team who are playing the Buyers. 

The role play is conducted, watched and critiqued hard. (Note, As this is an advanced course the purpose of this course is to build competency not to build confidence as such the critique will be comprehensive and challenging).

Interestingly, a by-product of this scenario is that one team will experience dealing with their company from a ‘Buyers’ perspective. This is usually very insightful, as the participants will see clearly how their company comes across to a Buyers mind set.  Often responses from the ‘Buying team’ include comments such as “Do we really act like this? we came across as being so unreasonable and arrogant”

The role play is fully critiqued with personal actions being required of each individual as the course progresses.

The roles are then switched and the team who were selling are now buying, and the team who were buying are now selling another real life company case. Critique continues as before.

This ends day 1

Day 2

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During day 2, we conduct role plays on camera where, individually, participants negotiate with the Blueprint Consultant on camera as before. However on this occasion there is only one ‘Seller’ and there are two ‘Buyers’. The Blueprint Consultant will be joined in the ‘Buying chair’ by another of the participants, who will be close to the market and the customer situation ( note each participant will conduct two role plays on camera during day 2, one as a Seller, another alongside the Blueprint Consultant, as a Buyer)

The Buying team will take time outs to confer, and the selling participant can join the main group on time out to confer with them. Not everyone will secure a deal. If the Blueprint Consultant believes that the case was not strong enough there will be no deal, again this course is not about building confidence, it is about starkly improving capability.

A comprehensive critique is given on each role play performance with tips and ideas given to include in a personal action planner for continued improvement on the job.

This course is a Master Class. It is not for everyone, and people who are lacking confidence in Selling and Negotiation should not be asked to attend. Ideal class size is 6 participants. The small number is required to facilitate the personal attention and intensity given to each participant.