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Clients Testimonials

We introduced Blueprint into our company in 2007 to deliver a Sales training course for our National Account managers. It had an instantly positive impact on the team and consequently Ronnie and his team at Blueprint have continued to support myself and my team in developing our people to enable them to succeed in this very difficult trading environment. They have supported myself and the business in the areas of Negotiation training, Category training, Finance training, competency assessments and Coaching of the team and myself on a 1-2-1 basis". I cannot praise Ronnie and his team highly enough for the great work they have done for us.

John Smethurst

Sales Director, Warburtons Bakeries

Ronnie and Blueprint Management Consultants have been nothing short of fantastic and truly world class to collaborate with in our quest for strategic sales excellence. As we continue to build our global sales capabilities, Ronnie has been with McCain Foods every step of the way and really lives and breathes the business. Blueprint’s competitive advantage is quite simple, they really do take the time to understand their client’s business and marketplace in which they operate in order to not only provide great tools to win with customers and consumers, but also provide insights and “blueprint’s” to get it done. It also doesn’t hurt that Ronnie is one of, if not the best facilitator that I’ve seen in action. Blueprint has now worked with McCain employees from over 30 countries and the feedback is consistent; People love working, learning and getting challenged by Blueprint"

Julien LeBlanc

Director McCain Learning Centre - Global

Blueprint Consultants have provided huge transformational value to our business. At Allianz in the UK, we have always been strong on technical skills but selling has not been a skill set that we have invested in in the past. In a largely intermediated business that relies on B2B relationships and selling this was a vital area that we wanted to address. I am hugely impressed by the results - in terms of financial and cultural / behavioural outcomes. Ronnie brings energy, challenge, external expertise and a foolproof, highly effective toolkit covering the full selling process. I have worked with Ronnie for many years, initially as a delegate and then commissioning his work in different countries, industries and companies and have used the full range of services. I can thoroughly recommend him and Blueprint and would always choose Blueprint again.

Simon Brimicombe

Director, Broker & Corporate Partners, Allianz UK

Ronnie, I've just joined LinkedIn & thought of you. I attended your Commerical Proposition course in 2001 & it changed my career for the better! You helped me unlock a regional customer called TJ Morris Ltd t/a Home Bargains in a role play... I went on to do it for real a few weeks later, & they now buy c1m cases p/a.

Jonathon McGowan

National Account Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises

I have recently worked with Ronnie and the Blueprint Consultancy on two consecutive Global Sales Excellence / Execution programmes in South Africa and the United States. Although the content of the programs was similar, the audiences and the focus could not have been more diverse. Ronnie immediately integrates seamlessly into the company environment in each case, yet enables the delegates to move from ‘work’ mode into development mode which facilitates behavioural change far beyond that achievable in an ‘in-work environment’. His vast wealth of experience and ability to engage, empower and inspire all delegates is paramount- from first time sales representatives to country-level sales directors responsible for multi-million dollar revenue streams. Ronnie’s adaptive ability to blend learning content, real-world personal experience, insight and humour transcends all hierarchy and it is done so with such a high level of customer / delegate focus that it always surpasses the mark. Most recently, due to a change in business focus we were able to demonstrate true customer centricity and re-structure the program to facilitate a strategic planning workshop for senior delegates. This enabled them to return to their markets with real actionable working strategies to drive their business forwards. Ronnie and Blueprint represent a true strategic partner, capable not only of understanding, developing and consistently delivering against set objectives but with the ability to flex and adapt to address additional needs- whether that be pre, during or post interventions. I have no hesitation in recommending Ronnie and Blueprint Consultants and look forward to working with and continuing to learn from his approach in the future.

Andy Holmes

Global Sales Development Director, Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare

As President and CEO of Lea & Perrins Inc in The United States and as a board member of HP Foods in The United Kingdom, I have seen and in some cases appointed training companies that promised us the ability to train with one consistent message yet customized for each specific country. None of them actually delivered until we appointed Blueprint Management Consultants to provide training for our international team of sale managers in all the countries we operate in. Blueprint developed customized training modules and arranged to work in the field with one or more of our managers prior to the team training. The result has been that the Blueprint consultant / trainers have gained real credibility with the sales team because they have practiced what they are teaching and can relate on a specific level with the company and what its managers face in the field with our customers. They have produced training plans to meet the brief they were given and relate well in each country by using the local knowledge they gain from the upfront preparation and field visits. I have been very impressed with the quality of the materials; the stimulating dialogue that takes place during the training and their ability to stay current on the issues affecting our business, no matter where in the world the training takes place. I highly recommend Blueprint Management Consultants to any company looking for worldwide yet customized training for its sales team. They deliver and the training works because they keep the training alive through the training tools they leave behind for each participant and the open invitation to contact them at any time with any follow up questions or help needed.They become part of our team.

Ralph Abrams

President and CEO, Lea & Perrins Inc USA (a Division of Danone)

As Group Sales Director it is my role to ensure that both I and my sales team are equipped with the best tools to do the Job. In this role and in my previous role at HSBC I have seen many training companies and consultancies that promise loads and then proceed to present you with off the shelf solutions. Blueprint has designed many courses for me which have not only added real value to the bottom line but have also added measurable skills to the sales force.

Andy Kirton

Group Sales Director, Homeserve PLC

We appointed Blueprint Management Consultants as our International Sales Training & Development partner to provide us with Field Sales & Key Account Management programs in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland, Russia, France, Belgium, Czech Republic and the UK to form the foundations of the BHI Global Sales Training Academy. Blueprint developed and delivered a highly focused and targeted program to provide consistent standards of operation to all the BHI Customer facing personnel. They also developed two superb Best Practice manuals for delegates to refer back to once back in the work environment. All of the Blueprint Consultants delivered the training programs with real passion, authority and knowledge, backed up with superb ‘real life’ examples. The courses contained the perfect balance of theory and practice and were always highly interactive, scoring 9/10 by the majority of our delegates. We have been very impressed by the quality of the materials, the international program delivery and the ongoing project management and will continue to work with Blueprint as our preferred sales training & development partner going forward.

Mark Sidey

European Sales Director, Boots Healthcare International

As Head of Learning and Development at HFC Bank (4500 employees in the UK and Europe), I have engaged Blueprint Management Consultants on a number of projects. Most have been repeated to wider audiences as a result of positive participant feedback, behavioural change and improved business performance. In my view, we have received real value for money and I am pleased to recommend them to you. Projects, which have spanned highly personalised senior training and development programmes as well as consultancy have included: -Account Management and Negotiation skills for Account Managers -Trainer training in Account Management and Negotiation skills to for our Account Managers in Europe -Negotiation skills for those involved in buying, mostly from Procurement, IT and Marketing Services -A Talent Pool development programme -Executive coaching to a high potential Account Manager -Consultancy on approaches to doing business with the UK's leading retailers -Consultancy on the development of a world class 'Sales Support' function

George Gilbert

Head of Learning and Development U.K. and Europe, HFC Bank

Ronnie Macdonald, the Director of Blueprint Management Consultants has worked closely with us in developing and rolling out specific training programmes for our Account Managers and Sales Representatives globally. Programmes have been delivered by Ronnie and his consultants in Asia, Australia, Poland, Russia and the UK. The participants have welcomed Ronnie's engaging training style, his in-depth knowledge of Sales and his proven international experience. He has quickly built credibility not only with the programme participants but with Senior Business Managers within our company. He is quite capable of delivering training in different cultures and where the English is not the first language of the participants. In particular the overall participant evaluations were identical for the programmes that Ronnie ran in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Sydney and the UK. I would thoroughly recommend Ronnie to you and would be happy to provide any further information required.

Helen Hardy

Head of HR International, Boots Healthcare International

The Blueprint team are highly experienced and provide a powerful combination of consultancy based on 'real sharp end' experience, involving and effective training methods and hands -on project leadership. All of these were key to helping us exceed our business goals during a challenging time of organisational change

John Garnett

Managing Director, HP Foods Ltd

Thanks for the support in last 6 months. May has just been the best ever share and sales for HP BBQ sauce so well done for your contribution Nigel.

Richard Daly

Sales Director, HP Foods

I wanted the opportunity to thank you for delivering our planning and influencing course recently. One can often end up saying some relatively trite things when thanking people in business. In contrast, I have to say that your input has had a pretty marked impact around the office. The team are enthused and actively using your models and we are looking to input your SWOT outputs to our board strategy day next month. We're also looking to reconfigure our sales pitch on our Commercial Paper product and incorporate your role playing suggestion. All in all, we're really pleased with what you were able to bring to us. With very best regards

Piers Williamson

Chief Executive, THFC

We have utilized Blueprint Management Consultants at over a dozen negotiation training sessions for our sales team and each session has drawn consistent “rave” reviews from the participants. It really is no surprise to me because of: 1. The quality of the consultant (vast and extensive real-world business experience and superior training/communication skills) 2. The professional, in-depth preparation that they conduct (Blueprint works to UNDERSTAND both our company and industry - and customizes the training curriculum accordingly). Effective training, however, cannot be deemed a success until it “bears fruit” in the marketplace. Within 3 months following our recent negotiation training, our sales team’s improved negotiating skills have delivered improved financial agreements/deals that total well into 7 figures of incremental value. Thank you, Ronnie! Blueprint consultants establish credibility with my team very early – and has them on the edge of their seat, eager to learn, the rest of the way! We are launching a second wave of Blueprint training (sales and communication skills) in the next six months based on the success of the initial negotiation training. I, and my team, can’t wait!

Michael L. Sullivan

Vice President of Sales McCain Foods, USA

The Freetrade Team have taken on board the key sales principles and are implementing on a daily basis. The results so far have been beyond my expectation. (I don’t often state that!) We have seen the Team treble new business whilst maintaining their existing accounts. I would once again like to thank you personally for ensuring the investment made has delivered a substantial acceleration of performance. I look forward to working with you again in the forthcoming Fiscal.

Howard Snape

Sales Director – Foodservice McCain Foods GB Ltd

We have searched for many years to find a practical and proven Negotiations Process. We found some that were good in theory, but didn’t apply to our industry. Others used our language, but were not practical in the “real world”. Then came Ronnie and his team! Their knowledge of our space – including our customers, buyers, C-level decision makers, influencers and internal stakeholders, was second to none. Having spent many years on both the buying and selling sides of business, They were armed to educate our sales and marketing forces with easy to remember selling and negotiations processes that really work! His communication skills are excellent in the classroom and are backed up by his credibility, incredible energy and charisma. As a Sales Trainer, I’m always looking not only for an excellent workshop, but for a common language that will become part of the fiber of our sales organization once the workshop is completed. Ronnie’s approach is easy to understand and implement, which means that our people actually USE it, boosting their confidence and helping them achieve better business results for our company.

Sally Leivermann

Training Manager – Foodservice Land O’ Lakes USA

"Ronnie Macdonald is a gifted and effective teacher and communicator. But even more important than his delivery is that his message and his methods, when practiced and applied, drive results. Ronnie is not one of those "trainers" who has learned his lessons from a book and then simply regurgitates the words from the page. No, he has won and lost his own epic battles in business and establishes that he practiced what he preaches. Ronnie's real and valid negotiation experiences lend him immediate credibility even to the most seasoned sales organization. Immediately after our first "Sales and Negotiations Skills" training session with Blueprint we experienced genuine and measurable positive financial results as individual team members employed the skills they had learned, practiced, and sharpened under his tutelage. Ronnie is and will remain a permanent fixture of our sales training strategy for years to come."

Christopher J. Chanski

Vice President, Sales Land O'Lakes USA Dairy Solutions

I have worked with Ronnie for many years now, with various projects across various channels and markets, all of them adding value. In our last project in Ireland, we facilitated a multi functional team to develop a 3 year strategy for a customer who had seen fairly static sales for the last 3 years, but with potential for growth across a multi format strategy. After 2 days we had the strategy completed. 4 weeks later the team were in execution mode…..and have not stopped. 12 months on, we have strong engagement with the customer across many levels, a format strategy that is differentiated and working, significant market share gains, and NR now to be up 20% YoY. The team is motivated, the customer engaged, and we have a strong foundation on which we can build from going into to 2015 and beyond. Not bad for 2 days consultancy, money very well invested and the best ROI that I have seen for many years. Looking forward to our next project.

Colin Chapman

Country Manager, Reckitt Benckiser Ireland

My experience of Blueprint was a very positive one - in fact a breath of fresh air compared with the other training companies and packages on offer Whilst the modules were tailored to Allianz's needs, i have subsequently used them with other companies i have and am working for. The material was logical and easy to use, providing an ongoing diagnostic tool kit for the all communities within a business to use and have a joined up approach with new and existing customers. Blueprint - Ronnie & Mark, provided me with the personal development that i wanted and needed in my career, which has provided me with an edge and greater insight than before to bring real value to my customer relationships.

Simon Hedges

Client Relationship, Manager Allianz

Blueprint can always be relied upon to deliver inspiring, thought-provoking,practical and enjoyable training to our senior sales team. The benefits to our business of applying the Blueprint principles continues to be considerable

Gary Gorman

Training & Development Manager, Crookes Healthcare

I have had a significant amount of contact and interaction with the Blueprint Consultants team. I am consistently impressed by their professionalism and customer service oriented nature. In a time of declining customer service, Blueprint Consultants is an excellent example of the added value and loyalty it can bring. We value Blueprint as a business partner that delivers content expertise and strong communication on all projects. Blueprint has demonstrated the ability to quickly turn around a variety Negotiation and Customer Management training projects for use within both the Canadian and US markets. They continuously deliver clear, concise, and comprehensive packages that combine both fresh perspectives with innovative methodology. Furthermore, their conclusions and recommendations have added weight, as they come from a trusted second party who has built credibility through international industry experiences.

Jay Duncan

Country Manager, HP Foods Canada/Lea & Perrins Inc

In summary Blueprints courses are customised to suit our business needs, Blueprint have the experience and confidence to tailor their sessions to meet our exact needs. This bespoke approach allows us to get maximum benefit from our training investment, both in terms of time and money." The courses proved extremely valuable to us. We are a global company operating in highly competitive consumer finance markets. The courses provided a common, structured framework for all countries to use when evaluating tenders and presenting the business's response. Senior management from Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, UK and the Republic of Ireland attended the Selling Skills and Negotiation courses. The courses were delivered in a dynamic and energising environment with our organisation requirments in mind. The skills learned in the course has had a big impact on increasing our sales figures and bottom-line results.'

Paula Kenny

Head of Sales and Marketing, HFC Bank Limited

Great set of feedback again, and top marks for the trainer who has gone down terrifically well with all three courses. As they say the proof is in the pudding - attendees are making reference to the learnings from the course now they are back in the business and look certain to be actioning changes to the way they manage customers, both in preparation and in call. Big thank you to all concerned on behalf of all the guys.

Peter Eglin

Sales Director, Crookes Healthcare

Ronnie, Nigel has done an outstanding job for us and I'm really delighted with the outputs.

Andrew Brown

Sales Director – Danone Waters UK Ltd

This feedback exceeded my expectations. Well done and thanks to Ronnie and all involved in setting up the course. The guys told me how much they both enjoyed and valued the three days, but great to see the results at the top end of scores right the way through. The final course at the end of August will now be "eagerly anticipated", exactly as we would wish.

Peter Eglin

Sales Director, Crookes Healthcare

Ronnie, I have heard spontaneous extremely positive feedback about the sessions - probably best summed up by one of the Philippino team who texted me to say he had returned to Manila so fired up he was - and I quote - "Smokin'". You have mysterious powers, sir !! All the best, sincere thanks once again.

Clive Dobbs

Clive Dobbs, Managing Director (Thailand) Boots Healthcare International

Ronnie, Thank you very much for the programmes in both Bangkok and Kl. The formal feedback has indeed been very positive and all the participants I have spoken to have also responded very positively about their experience with the training. You will be happy to know that Rene has already scheduled a training session for the distributors key account management team in the Philippines next week. The roll out is taking place. Cathy and I will go over the programmes that you deliver and be in touch when we think we are ready for the next stage. Thanks once again,

Jitain Shahsingh

Director Asia, Pacific Boots Healthcare International

Why do I recommend Blueprint Trainings? First of all I have to confess, that I joined Blueprint by accident, shortly after joining HFC’s Hungarian operations, to test, whether it could work in the banking sector in Central-Eastern Europe. So I did not have any preview about it, but a few colleagues’ opinion saying it was great. The first impression was Ronnie, leading the training. With his easy-to-understand language – being a foreigner it is very important - it became clear that FMCG sales are very close to banking one. Although we all knew that “sales is sales”, irregardless of your field; banking was always a bit of foggy, miraculous, superior and very often elite field of the economy. The second finding was the very good structure Ronnie presented us. All having some years of experience, and some success, new about sales, but we have received a new point of view with a very logically built flow of actions, row of questions, which help us get to the point fairly quickly. We have got some very good tools in realizing whether we go towards solution or just spend nice time with our partner, moreover our partner drives us towards his objectives. A part of the training was about key management and the role of a Key Account Manager. Who is this person in an organization, what are the roles, activities one should do to become and remain successful. We have also realized that not every sales process is successful, and we have to be prepared to leave without closing, if it goes into extremities. We have learnt a lot about “changing” values, currencies in the flow of a negotiation and one of the most important lessons was not to give anything without asking something for it. The unbalanced trading can not be called successful negotiation. One of the most exiting topics was to realize how purchasers are trained not to accept offers, which key arguments they use and how could we handle those. It is obvious that you do some roll-plays during trainings, but this time it was “real” there were strong time limits, individual a team efforts to see who is able to use the given time more effective. Preparations, agreements between team mates, delegations were all part of the roll play and we realized that listening is almost more important than talking. To help us practising, we had an other very experienced, ex-Tesco purchaser, Howard, who made our sales efforts more difficult – although I think in a more gentle way than in real life. I have enjoyed these trainings and have implemented some of the methods in my everyday work, like the SSERC structure, shopping list and currency evaluation – even for inside communication. I have also translated the majority of the training material and trained my sales persons. Unfortunately even the best training is fading after certain time, but just to leaf through the booklet we received, helps to remind and refresh memories. I would recommend such trainings for almost every field of the business life, as we always try to sell something and if someone wants to enjoy such a training should participate in Blueprint’s one. The trainers are nice guys, straight to the point, easy to follow and agree. Their personality is informal and friendly, bringing some humour even to the “dry” topics. Although I participated about two years ago it seems that only a few weeks passed. So, please, take the opportunity if you happened to be on such training.

Gábor M. Székely

Sales Executive Director, Beneficial Rt

We have been working with Ronnie Macdonald, the Director of Blueprint Management Consultants, and his team in both training and consultancy programs. The training programs have been delivered by Ronnie and Howard Bryant to the Key Account Management Team and the total management team (incl. Marketing, Finance and Supply Chain). These trainings have been evaluated as being very useful and inspiring. The combination of having the right background and being able to challenge the participants in an inspiring way are my views on this positive feedback. His consultant Nigel McMahon has worked closely with our category management department in two projects, in which Blueprint has added a lot of value in both process management as delivering content and insights. I would thoroughly recommend Ronnie and his team to you and would be happy to provide any further information required.

Floris Wesseling

Commercial Director, Danone Netherlands

In July, I attended a Blueprint Management Consultancy/Boots Healthcare International Global Sales Academy training course in Sydney. Over the last 10 years, I have attended a number of courses on sales training, negotiation and key account management, and I can confidently say, that this course was by far the most helpful. Not only was it immensely enjoyable, but in a very practical way, it revealed areas where I needed improvement. This course has given me the insights and the tools to really “connect” with my customers and even socially I feel it has helped facilitate meaningful conversation. I can highly recommend Blueprint Management Consultants’ Account Manager’s Course.

Barbara Bent

National Key Account Manager, Pharmacy Division, Boots Healthcare

I have worked with Ronnie and Blueprint on two major project, A negotiating training and sessions and a customized USA Foodservice training as well. I have always been sceptical of Trainers and some seminars, due to the content, wondering "if" the instructors have ever actually done what we do, and the most important is they teach what they want to, not what we really need to know and use. Ronnie and Blueprint training and seminars succeeds by some of the following keys; Not talking "on and on" about themselves. To the point procedures and learnings, not any filler! Keeping the meeting FUN! the top Ten's re-energize after being in a classroom instruction. Blueprint and Ronnie, DO THEIR HOMEWORK, BEFORE THEY COME! They study the actual market, and bring up to date, data. Listening to what we have to say. Addressing and actually negotiating REAL challenges in today's environment, not just a template of a challenge. Ronnie and his team have continued my career growth with their training, not only at Lea & Perrins as the National Foodservice/Industrial manager, but in my ongoing career as well

Charles E. Carlson

National Broker/Distributor Manager Chaucer Foods, Inc

Getting the best possible commercial deal is important to us and influencing others has been a key skill in in that quest. Blueprint worked jointly with us to offer our business colleagues a toolkit of influencing and negotiating skills. They were passionate about helping us develop those skills, sharing their own experiences and techniques and supporting our own real life examples to make the learning experience real. Attendees are still making reference to what they learnt long after the event and are still using those tools and techniques on a daily basis back in the business.

Rose Sinclair

Head of Legal, Simplyhealth Group Limited

The Sales and Negotiations skills courses I attended at HFC are still two of the best training events I have ever attended in my career. I still utilise the skills learned on a daily basis which over the last few years has contributed to MasterCard achieving a 90%+ market share in the UK&I Prepaid space! I never enter a negotiation these days without my shopping lists!

Andrew Johnstone

Director, Prepaid Mastercard Worldwide

I worked with Nigel from Blueprint to develop our Sales career framework – truly a collaborative partnership. Nigel brought a great mix of functional insight, competency / Sales expertise and project management skills. Very pleased with the end product, thoroughly enjoyed working with Nigel and happy to recommend him. Orla Flannery Talent Director Global Sales Mars Inc

Orla Flannery