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Business Commercial Health Check

Benchmark your business against best in class

Blueprint has worked alongside many of the world's most successful commercial businesses for 20 years. We have had a great insight into what good looks like and we have built an extensive bench-marking tool that allows our clients to benchmark their operation against the top 15% of business performers. It really is a great tool, it provokes thought, ideas and positive action for improvement.

We have selected 20 questions from the benchmark tool and have put them together in this free survey for our followers. It will take you 10 minutes to complete but your time will be well spent as you reflect on how your business benchmarks against the best in class.

Business Commercial Health Check

On completion of the survey we will send you a chart highlighting where you benchmark strongly against the best in class and also where you may be behind the pace. It will be interesting for you to reflect and engage.

Remember we can help you fill any gap that exists with our tried and tested practical processes. So don't forget to let us know what you think of the survey and whether you would like us to call you to discuss.

You can access the survey at