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The 7C's of Knowledge

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At Blueprint one of our most famous tools is the 7 C's of Knowledge. 7 things that we believe you really need to stay on top of in order to be great at your job. They are:

Country : What's going on in the commercial world

The 7C's of Knowledge

Company: Keeping abreast of developments in your own company

Customer : Intimately understanding what is important to your customer

Competitor: Keeping a watchful eye on competitor activity, looking for opportunities and threats

Channel: Being an expert in the channel that you operate in

Category: Being up to date with category dynamics and trends

Consumer: Keeping yourself updated on the latest consumer trends.

There are many great sites that help keep up to date with whats going on, but lately I have being using our own site at On our site you will see a link to "Knowledge Bank" and here we have selected a number of really useful commercial business RSS links that feed into this Knowledge Bank, giving you a really useful update in real time. I visit our knowledge bank each morning for an update, you should try it too.