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So, Article 50 is triggered.......

What will it mean for your business

Well 9 months after the famous Brexit vote the Prime Minister of the UK has now triggered Article 50 ..The UK will be leaving Europe. So what does it mean for your business and for you personally ?

Well of course each business is different, there will be some obvious winners, some obvious losers and a number of other businesses that lie in the middle, their fate largely depending on what happens in the Euro / UK negotiations and how they plan and prepare for their future. The next two years or so will be extremely interesting to say the least, but whatever side of the political debate you sit on, it is time to move on, listen, learn and prepare for your future.

So, Article 50 is triggered.......

As each month passes we will know more of what will be in store for us, as business people we must keenly watch and listen for all developments to ensure that our plans and contingencies have the best chance of giving us competitive advantage. When we know enough, almost certainly it will be critical to redesign your company strategy.... As always if you need help with this, please give us a call.

From a personal development point of view, our advice is to watch the negotiations intently... to say it is a big deal would be the understatement of the century... There will no doubt be some excellent negotiation moves and tactics that we can learn from, and almost certainly some 'clangers' that we should all take note of and avoid... The scene is set, the UK has placed a stake in the ground "Better No deal than a bad deal" ..... so now sit back and enjoy the show.