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Blueprint's Top 5 Selling Tips

1. Plan before your call. Never wing it, do your homework first, check out the scene, the opportunity the market, the product, the competition, the options etc Blueprint's list of the 7 C's of knowledge is a helpful tool here : Country (big picture of market and commercial environment), Company, Customer, Competitor, Category, Channel, Consumer

2. Question sure but then Listen !  The best sales people will listen more than they will speak. Listen to learn, where is your customer coming from? what's important?, what are their wants?, needs, desires?, what are the issues?, what help and support do they need?

3. Don't Feature Bash !, don't throw the kitchen sink at your customer by telling them everything that your product, idea or proposition can do.... not only is it boring to listen to, most of it will be irrelevant to your customer. Having listened already to the needs, tailor your presentation to those features that will satisfy the determined needs and this way you create compelling reasons for the customer to want whatever it is you are selling. Remember a Feature ONLY becomes a Benefit when it satisfies a Need!

4. Use Data Compellingly ! Buying anything is laced with risk. As a Buyer there are more dangers in saying 'yes' to a proposition than there are saying 'no' As soon as a Buyer agrees to something, it means something will change, and change is full of risk. This is where good compelling data and evidence comes in. Good use of data will make it clear to the Buyer that the risk is worth taking, because the size of the prize has been articulated.

5. Be structured during the sales meeting, don't wander around clutching at straws and being pulled from pillar to post. A persuasive selling structure will keep you in control in an organised, efficient and professional manner. The Blueprint structure is to follow the 5 E's:

Explore the Needs

Establish the Interest

Explain the Deal

Emphasize the Key Benefits

Execute the Next Steps.

Again please share your selling stories with us.