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Is your team ready to handle the pressure?

Sainsbury and Asda merger will have huge consequences

FMCG has just become 'Faster' still. The speed of change in our industry has just gone into warp drive. Tesco buys Booker, Coop buys Nisa, Sainsbury merges with Asda !!! Suppliers face an uncertain future and there will  be 'winners' and 'losers' with the stakes as high as they possibly can be. This is absolutely not a time to be considering saving a few pounds on your training budget, this is a time to invest in your commercial team! When the dust has settled on all of the deals you want to be able to say that your team went into the negotiations as prepped up as they possibly could be. Given the magnitude of change it would be irresponsible not to facilitate this.

Born of the fmcg industry Blueprint knows as well as anyone what challenges this trading year will throw at you and we can help your teams prepare for it. We have designed a specific 3 day Influencing/selling and negotiation Master Class that will absolutely prepare your commercial teams for the year ahead. We will refresh skills, introduce new ones and pressure test their application against the context of the reality of market change, practicing the 'real life' deals that your teams will negotiate. Give your business the best possible chance of winning!

Is your team ready to handle the pressure?

Contact Ronnie Macdonald at for more information and to discuss your specific requirement. Come out of this year a winner!