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Exciting Changes at Blueprint

Launch of Blueprint Europe

In 1998 Blueprint Management Consultants was founded, in May 2012 we launched Blueprint North America under the leadership of Julien Leblanc, on the 22nd December Blueprint Management Consultants will be 20 years old and the BIG NEWS is that on the 1st January 2019 we will launch Blueprint Europe based out of Amsterdam under the leadership of long serving Blueprint Consultant Erik Aapkes.

Blueprint North America will now also be responsible for running Latin America and Blueprint Europe will be responsible for running the 'rest of the world' including the United Kingdom where the business was started. The Founder of the business, Ronnie Macdonald will become Non - Executive Chairman of the group.

Exciting Changes at Blueprint

This is such an exciting time for us and the teams in North America and Europe are alive with ideas to drive the business forward into the next stage of our development as we continue to unleash the true development potential of our clients. So watch this space for more news!

The team at Blueprint would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our many clients for their business and friendship over the last 20 years and we very much look forward to serving all of our clients existing and new in 2019 and beyond.

May you all have a very merry Christmas, a happy new year and an altogether great holiday season!