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Nowadays Collaborative Negotiation is the key

The days of starting with conflict are over

A few years ago Buyers tended to hold most of the power and many negotiation skills providers taught them to wield this power starting a negotiation process with pressure and aggressive behavior. Suppliers then wanted to sign up to these classes in order to try and understand where the Buyers were coming from, but if a supplier attempted to start a negotiation with a Buyer using aggression as an opening gambit, they would not be a Supplier for long. So this teaching methodology tended to be pretty unpractical for suppliers.

Since then times have changed. The Shopper now holds the power, and enlightened Buyers realise that in order for them to win the Shopper they should work in collaboration with Suppliers, working together to share insight and resource to common good. As a result we are finding more and more Buyers want to embark on Collaborative Negotiation techniques which deliver win-win scenarios for Buyer, Supplier and Shopper.

Nowadays Collaborative Negotiation is the key

This is good news for the industry and comforting for us at Blueprint as for years we have taught only Collaborative Negotiation techniques as we believed so strongly that good negotiation should build relationships not wreck them.

The days of starting with conflict are happily at an end!