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Board Room Presentations

Effecting positive change internally

I remember when I was a Senior Manager coming through the ranks of corporate life, so often being frustrated because key initiatives that we felt were business critical failed to get board approval and as such withered on the vine. Later in my career as a member of a board of Directors, I remember being frustrated at the lack of clarity of presentations made to us by Senior Management teams lacking detail and impact and thus not allowing us to make required sign off decisions.... catch 22? Well not really......

It is critical for businesses to make informed decisions in a timely fashion and the biggest decisions typically require board approval. It is therefore a requirement of Senior Management teams to ensure that their presentations to the board cut to the point, provide sufficient detail and background and inspire the Board to make the correct decision.

Board Room Presentations

It is for this reason that Blueprint have launched a new course "Designing & Delivering Effective Board Room Presentations" This course harnesses our collective decades of experience on both sides of the Board Room table and delivers a tried and tested methodology that not only dispenses with frustration on both sides, but more importantly allows your business to make the correct decisions on time, driving competitive advantage for your company.

Whether you are making the presentations or receiving them if you think this course may be of help to your business please contact us.