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Blueprint's Top 5 Negotiation Tactics

We believe that about 60% of your success in Negotiation will result in your planning and prep. That still leaves about 40% that will result in what happens in the meeting itself. There are a great many tactics to be aware of. Here are our Top 5

1. 'Salami' : Imagine a salami sausage sitting between the negotiating parties, and imagine chunks from each of the ends being sliced off... if you give me a slice from your end of the salami, I will give you a slice from my end of the salami, and the gap between the parties is closing all the time. This is the essence of negotiation, IF you give me something THEN I can give you something back in return, The trick is to try to ensure that you are not giving something without claiming something of at least equal value back in return. The language of "If you" ........(and you lay your condition on the deal) ..."then I" and you lay your concession on the deal, is very important. If you are saying "if you.... then I ..." there is a great chance that you are negotiating well.

2. 'Words' .....words change everything in negotiation, that little word that escapes unintentionally from one parties mouth, that totally effects the outcome of the deal.... Common ones that we hear a lot are ...."This is my best deal at the moment" ...the words "at the moment" has slipped out unintentionally but strongly signals that there is a better deal to come.  Or "This is my standard price" ... The word 'standard' signals that there may be another price, a 'non -standard' price available... or "it's nearly impossible for me to do that", signalling unintentionally that it is clearly possible. So the big tip is to be very careful with your words and listen intently to the words of the other party.

3. 'Time-Out': If you need some quality thinking time in negotiation, ask for it, take a 'time out'. A time out could simply be a quiet pause for reflection and thought, or to make a phone call, or to discuss in private with your team. Almost invariably you will be the stronger after taking this thinking time.

4. 'Silence'.... Remember the power of silence and don't fall into the silence trap. I can't number all of the times that I have been rewarded with a concession from the other party simply because I fell silent for a few moments. Remember 'Silence is Golden', don't fall into the silence trap... hold the tension.

5. 'It's Business not Personal' ... Too often I have watched people taking deals personally, by either pushing too hard because their adrenaline is pumping and they think that they can crush their opponent, or walking from a good deal, simply because they think that they have been pushed too far. Seek to understand what makes good business sense for you, and stick to the plan... remember at all times 'it's business not personal'

Happy negotiating! #negotiation #negotiationtips