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Blueprint's Top 10 Leadership Tips

Although not a Leadership Consultancy, we are often asked to give our view

Although not a Consultancy that focuses on leadership skills and behaviors we are often asked by our clients for our view and opinion in a number of leadership topics. As each of the Blueprint team have risen through the ranks to director level in corporate life before joining Blueprint we have all witnessed some great leadership traits and some pretty dire ones as well. As in most things in we don't believe that there is a lot of rocket science involved in great leadership, so here are our top 10 ten leadership tips:

  1. Relationships: Be Human, Have Empathy, Care, Be Firm & Fair, Communicate all that can be communicated, be Consistent, Be Genuine/ Be yourself, Network well with employees, stakeholders, customers, suppliers and be Discrete, never share a discretion with anyone

  2. You control but let your team be part of it: Listen to them, Let them feel that they are involved and have a voice but let them know that when the decision is made it is final

  3. Credibility : Work hard, know your stuff, never 'wing it', always say what you are going to do by when and then do it, never miss a deadline, always respond to people in a timely fashion, never over promise and under deliver, make good decisions, plan, always be on time.

  4. Surround yourself with good people: recruit well and for the future, develop your team, delegate everything that can be delegated but don't abdicate responsibility, look after your people, if anyone in your team lets you down, tell them and coach them, if they consistently let you down remove them from your team.

  5. Don't forget the small things : A handwritten note of thanks, recognition of birthdays and their personal celebrations, ask about their hobbies, holidays, genuinely take an interest, know their personal ambitions and think how you can help them to achieve their goals

  6. Never be the one to hold things up: bottlenecks occur in business strive hard to never let the bottleneck be you

  7. Live the values and work code that you are asking your team to live

  8. Have a relentless desire to achieve more : Ask yourself each day "what did I do today to lead my business forward"? And listen to your answer if it is not good enough do better tomorrow. Coach your team, their development is a big part of your responsibility, Don't exist in a 'comfort zone' always stretch yourself, measure performance and communicate actuals against targets to those involved.

  9. Celebrate success with your team: allocate a small budget for a couple of team meals and events, email success of the individual to a wider audience, always acknowledge a good job well done.

  10. Help your Boss achieve his/ her goals: Make a point of knowing what goals your Boss is striving for and do what you can to help.

As I say, not rocket science, but we believe good practice and great leadership.

Blueprint's Top 10 Leadership Tips