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The Blueprint Hotline

A Consultant a click away and paid by the hour

For 20 years we have been privileged to work alongside some of the largest businesses in the World. Typically we would travel to them, stay with them for a few days and help them deliver a perfect solution for their business. Feedback for this over the years has been excellent, however we recognise that it is not always practical for our clients to wait until we can arrive and for each session to last a minimum of a full day in order to justify the travel logistics.

That is why we are launching our new service... where you can recruit the services of a Blueprint Consultant on an hourly, or even half hourly basis.... Just call us up and lets have a Skype for Business or FaceTime meeting via an IPad or PC.

The Blueprint Hotline

Think of it, you are a Commercial Executive, you are suddenly faced with a challenge from a major customer that could prove to be an opportunity or a disaster. You would like the benefit of talking it through with an experienced business consultant, ideas are discussed, a plan develop and two heads are always better than one.

The result ... opportunities are optimised, risks are avoided, great decisions are made...

The cost... very little as we charge literally by the half hour.

If you are interested in exploring this further let us know by emailing