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70:20:10 Brilliant or Brutal???

Everyone is talking about 70:20:10 development these days, but as a training company operating in the commercial environment we rarely see it being executed efficiently or effectively,


In principle it makes a lot of sense: The idea is that about 70% of your learning journey should be comprised of self-development techniques and processes, 20% via on the job mentoring and coaching and 10% via formal training interventions. At Blueprint we totally buy-in to this principle it really does make a lot of sense, however what we see happening in so many businesses falls well short of the standard required.

Too many businesses have jumped onto the bandwagon of 70:20:10 whilst not fully understanding how it should be deployed. Others focus almost exclusively on the 70% of self deployment time and feel that they could save money on their training budgets by dispensing with the crucial 10% of formal training interventions, and so many companies these days sadly pay only lip service to the critical 20% of time that should be spent on the job coaching with positive line management involvement and instead drop employees into the deep end of the 70% of self development time with the phrase ..."over to you"!

70:20:10 Brilliant or Brutal???

The fact is there is no manual on how to run a 70:20:10 development programme efficiently and effectively .......

....until now .........

'A Blueprint for 70:20:10' is a one day formal training programme that not only teaches participants how to get the most out of the 70% of time spent in self development, inspiring and disciplining them to shift up a gear in their own development activity, but also insures that they are ready to get the most out of the 20% of in-house coaching time and, as such, on the job training is optimised. It also means that participants are absolutely match fit and prepared to get the most out of the 10% of time spent in formal training sessions.

70:20:10 like most processes has to be taught in order to be effective, 'A Blueprint for 70:20:10' will do this for you ensuring that your team get more from their development and you get a lot more from your Learning & Development budget.

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